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Cloud Report Management for Autel Scanners

What is Cloud Report Management for Autel Scanners?

The cloud report management function launched by Autel scanner is very useful, as an Autel user, I highly recommend you to know everything about the cloud report management function!

What is cloud reporting management?

The essence of cloud report management is to save memory space and speed up diagnosis.

With cloud report management, Autel users can upload diagnostic reports to Autel Cloud and easily share the reports with customers via QR code/email/SMS, and they can view the reports at any time.

What can cloud reporting management be used for?

Cloud report management function, also means device management/report management, you can upload data or diagnostic reports to Autel Cloud without worrying about losing, complete code, real-time data, electronic control unit (ECU) function) information and vehicle control system Data managers like save customer and vehicle records, scanner data and technician notes for future review.

What does cloud reporting management bring to me?

Cloud report management is equivalent to a service provided in the cloud space. Cloud-based reporting and data management help Autel users enhance data centralization, share it simply and quickly, reduce memory burden, and improve work efficiency.

The difference between remote experts and cloud reporting management

Remote experts and cloud report management are both functions based on cloud services. Remote experts will have experts online to help mechanics perform maintenance and repairs, making everything simpler.

Currently among Autel scanners, almost all flatbed scanner tools support cloud report management, while remote experts are only available in a few scanner tools.

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