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OBD2 Scan Tool

Which OBD2 Scan Tool Is Best For My Car?

OBD-II or OBD2 stands for on-board diagnostics and is a system that monitors your car's computer system. When something goes wrong with your car, an OBD-II scan tool will help you find the problem and fix it.

Since 1996, every new car has adhered to the OBD-II standard. The scanner uses the main OBD2 cable or Bluetooth VCI device to connect to the car and read car data.

What can an OBD2 scanner do for my car?

Autel OBD2 scanner

As the name suggests, car diagnostics is the main purpose of OBD. When the car's computer determines that something is wrong, it triggers a "fault" or fault code. At this time, the car engine light on the dashboard turns on. Scanners can tell us what went wrong and clear error codes.

The OBD-II scanner can perform transmission diagnostics, ABS/SRS/airbag monitoring, tire pressure monitoring, oil reset, battery test, smog test, smog check, I/M readiness test or emissions test and more.

The OBD scanner is designed for car diagnostics, but you can use it to upgrade your car's performance. In the advanced diagnostic scanner, it supports brush hiding function, ECU Coding & ECU Programming, taking your car one step further.

How to choose the best OBD2 scanner for your car?

OBD2 scanner

Choosing the right scanner for your needs isn't always easy. There are hundreds of different automatic scanners on Amazon: Ancel, Bluedriver, Autel, Foxwell, Innova, Launch Tech, while in the Obdprice store there is a complete line of Autel scanners, from low-level OBD2 code readers to advanced OE-level diagnostic scanner covering various types of automotive vehicles.

1. Compatibility

Choose a scanner compatible with your car (model, make, fuel type, protocol, etc.)

Most scanners support cars, but some may also support light and heavy trucks. Most scanners support five OBD-II protocols, but some may support others as well. OBD-II scanners only work with 1996 and later models. You need an OBD1 scanner for your old car.

2. Function

You have to ask yourself what features you need in a scanner. Are you just looking for a scan tool that can read and interpret universal DTCs (diagnostic trouble codes), or do you need one that supports manufacturer-specific codes?

Some OBD scanners go beyond basic OBD-II functionality to support features such as remote diagnostics, shareable diagnostic reports, community support/interaction, real-time live data, and more.

3. Connectivity

Do you prefer wired or bluetooth? Do you want an OBD scanner with a built-in LCD screen or would you prefer a simple code reader?

While wired scanners have their advantages, many people today prefer Bluetooth scanners. One of the reasons is that the connection range of Bluetooth-enabled scanners is 10 meters, which greatly outperforms the limitations of wired connections.

4. Price range

Bluetooth (and WiFi) scanners generally cost more than wired models. However, keep in mind that price also depends on factors like warranty, features, and more. Don’t forget that many Bluetooth and WiFi scanners offer additional features that you can purchase to enhance the functionality of the free app. Ideally, you'll choose one that's within your budget.

5. Software updates

We highly recommend purchasing a scanner that comes with regular software/firmware updates. Some scanners can be updated online via a mobile app, while others require a connection to a computer. Generally speaking, handheld scanner tools come with lifetime free updates and require software upgrades through a computer.

Which OBD2 scan tool is best for my car?

Autel AL519: OBD2 Scanner Enhanced OBD ll Scan Tool

Autel MX808S: 2023 Newest Diagnostic Scan Tool

Autel MS906 Pro: Diagnostics Scan Tool w/ 31+ Service and All-System Diagnostics

Autel IM508S:Key Fob Programming Tool with XP200 Programmer

Autel TS508WF: Advanced TPMS Service Tool With Wi-Fi Updates

In conclusion

Each OBD II scanner has its own pros and cons, and as a car owner, you need to understand what an OBDII scan tool really entails and how it can give you an advantage. Obdprice store offers you the most comprehensive range of OBD2 scanners.

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