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My Tesla Engine Light is On, What Kind of Scanner Can Help Me?

Tesla vehicles use pure electric fuel, accelerate faster when driving on the road, are environmentally friendly and energy-saving, and their autonomous driving technology has attracted many consumers who pursue driving pleasure and performance. So, what should I do when my Tesla warning light comes on?

The on-board diagnostic scanner is a great assistant for comprehensively checking the status of your car! However, as a pure electric vehicle, Tesla's OBD2 diagnostic scanner cannot directly obtain vehicle information from the OBD2 port. The OBD2 ports in Tesla vehicles Model S, 3, X, and Y only contain +12v and the VIN number of the car.

Can you scan a Tesla with OBD2?

If you want to use an OBD2 diagnostic scanner to perform full system diagnosis on Tesla vehicles, you need an adapted electric vehicle scanner and a special wiring harness for CAN bus communication of Tesla vehicles.

Does Autel support Tesla?

Autel Tesla Diagnostic Cables Set compatible with most Tesla S, X, Y, and 3 models, 2019 and newer. Enables MaxiSYS tablet users to connect with Tesla S, X, Y, and 3 vehicles to activate factory/service mode and perform system diagnostics and ADAS calibrations.

Autel Tesla Diagnostic Cables Set for Tesla S & Tesla X

At the same time, please connect the Autel Tesla Diagnostic Cables Set to the Autel MaxiSys Ultra EV/Ultra/MS919/MS909/Elite II Pro Scanner.

Common Causes of Tesla Check Engine Light

When we connect the correct Tesla diagnostic cable and scanner, we should try to find the cause of the Tesla engine light on and turn off the fault light.

Tesla Engine Light

Tesla does not have an engine, and the warning light has the same function as the engine. This indicates a problem with the car's engine or emissions system.

Your Tesla's check engine light can turn on for a number of reasons, including battery charge, tire pressure, catalytic converter, oxygen sensor, transmission, emissions system, defects, and humidity.

If your check engine light comes on, your auto mechanic can first run a full-system diagnostic check using a scanner to help identify the problem.

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