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Register and Change Autel Scanner Language

How To Register and Change Autel Scanner Language?

Autel scanners can be subdivided into many different types of tools according to their functions. They can be divided into handheld OBD2 code readers and tablet scanners in terms of type. Here, we will explain how to register and change the Autel scanner language for newbies in the workshop.

Register Autel Scanner

Registering an Autel scanner will enable you to perform log analysis of user operations and obtain full application authorization for the Autel scanner software. Registering an Autel ID and registering an Autel scanner is very simple, you can do it under this link

Most scanner tools can be registered directly into the device, although there are also some OBD 2 code readers that do not require registration.

Change Autel scanner language

1) Tablet Scanner

Send the serial number to the reseller to change the language in the server.

When the language changes, you need to re-download the software from the update page.

Note: If the software update does not appear on the update page, please go to System Settings->Reset->Restore Factory Settings, and then go to the update page to download the software. After downloading, you can set your desired language.

2) Handheld scanner

Send the serial number to the reseller to change the language in the server.

After changing the language, the SD card needs to be formatted. Run Maxi pc suite to download all software.

3) Handheld scanner without S/N

1) Download the language software from the official website or dealer.

2) Run Maxi-Link II and update itself.

Note: Some Autel scanners have IP restrictions, and the language setting can only select the default English. Please pay attention to the version of the scanner you purchased!

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