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Autel Automotive Diagnostic Scanner Code Reader Full Introduction

Autel Automotive Diagnostic Scanner Code Reader Full Introduction

Autel provides professional diagnostic scan tools for the automotive aftermarket. Using an OBD2 scanner can help you or your mechanic know if your car is in good condition.

Here we will explain the specific classification of Autel scanners

According to different functions and applications, Autel scanners can be divided into Diagnostic Tools, OBD2 Scanners, Code Readers, TPMS Service Tools, Key Programming Tools, Battery Testers, Inspection Cameras, and Special Tools.

Here, Autel MaxiCOM series and Autel MaxiCheck series scanners can handle the basic maintenance work of vehicles, and Autel MaxiPro series and Autel MaxiSys series scanners can be responsible for vehicle entry diagnosis, advanced maintenance and overhaul and other functions. Autel MaxiIM series scanners add automotive IMMO related functions, and Autel Autolink Series handheld DIY scanner products are used for basic OBD 2 diagnostics.

In Autel, no matter it is a car, light truck, heavy truck, electric vehicle, hybrid vehicle, you can find the corresponding Autel OBD2 scanner to support.

Autel is not only the production and manufacturer of scanners, Autel also covers the production of electric vehicle chargers, tire pressure monitoring system tools, ADAS and wheel alignment, vehicle lifts, etc., forming an ecosystem for the auto maintenance market, forming the Autel Academy, equipped with Remote experts, comprehensively solve problems in the car repair and maintenance market.

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