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Autel OBD2 Scanner

How To Choose The Right Autel OBD2 Scanner For You?

Autel has a huge lineup of on-board diagnostic scanners, from basic code readers to advanced intelligent diagnostics, covering all aspects of vehicle operation and maintenance, how to determine which tool is most suitable for you among the many diagnostic scanning tools?

Here we explain the difference between the Autel Diagnostic Scan Tool.

Among Autel diagnostic service tools, there are Autel Maxicheck series, Autel MaxiCom series, Autel MaxiPro series and Autel Maxisys series. (Key programming, TPMS services and code readers are not covered in this scope)

Advanced Diagnostic and Service Tools - Autel's top-of-the-line two-way tool for the most complex diagnostics, repairs and calibrations, designed for passenger, light and some mid-duty vehicles in the US, Asia and Europe. Usually Autel MaxiPro series and Autel Maxisys series.

Commercial Vehicle Diagnostic and Service Tools – Autel's dedicated commercial vehicle tools are designed for US, Asian and European Class 1 to 9 vehicles. Usually Autel Maxisys series.

Service Tools – Autel's Diagnostic Service Tools are designed for small businesses and DIY enthusiasts to provide basic service and diagnostics. Usually Autel Maxicheck series and Autel MaxiCom series.

Among these different Autel diagnostic scanners, there are significant hardware differences and differences in the range of software services, we will illustrate the best representative of each series of products so that you can better understand what each tool is designed to do What.

Advanced Diagnostic Tools

Let’s start with Autel’s flagship diagnostic tool, the MaxiSys Ultra, as our base, and then we’ll point out which features change for other tools within the advanced diagnostic tool lineup:

Autel Maxisys Ultra 2023 Top Intelligent Diagnostic Tool with 5-in-1 VCMI

  • Automatic Detection:Auto-Vin / Auto-Scan / Scan Vin / Plate Scan
  • Secure Gateway Access:Authorized Fca Access With Autoauth Account
  • License Plate Reader:Available On Select Vehicles
  • Vehicle Coverage:Us, Asian & European 1996 And Newer Passenger / Light Duty
  • Obdii Test Modes:All 10 Test Modes, Live & Freeze Frame / Enhanced Mode 6
  • Service Resets:26 Service Features
  • Diesel Pm:Reset Diesel Emissions - Light & Medium Duty Vehicles
  • System Diagnostics:Access All Modules In All Systems
  • Enhanced Functions:Coding Adaptations
  • Cloud Services:Remote Programming, Repair Database & Report Storage
  • Intelligent Diagnostics: Repair Assist, Topology Module Mapping, Dtc Troubleshooting, Technical Service Bulletins
  • Oscilloscope: Vcmi 5-In-One Device:Also Includes Vci, J2534 Multimeter, Waveform Generator, Can Bus Tester
  • Split Screen Display: View Multiple Functions At Once

Autel MaxiSys MS906 Pro Diagnostics Scan Tool

Still within the advanced class, the MS906PRO lose the following features:

  • The MS906PRO (Retail Price ~ $1,750), in addition to the lack of split screen and oscilloscope, loses the Intelligent Diagnostics feature of its counterparts.

Commercial Vehicle Scan Tools

Within the Commercial Vehicle class, we will use the high-end MS908CV (Retail Price ~ $3,350) as our base:


Here are the basic specs for the MaxiSys MS908CV (Retail Price ~ $4,000):

  • Coverage: Enhanced system diagnostics on more than 80 models of light, medium, and heavy-duty commercial vehicles
  • Communications: Wireless Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI)/J2534 passthrough programming device
  • Basic Functions: ECU information, code reading & clearing, data flow analysis, freeze frame
  • Maintenance Functions: Over 30 functions including Oil Reset, Brake bleed, DPF, Injector, SAS, Throttle
  • Active Test or Bi-Directional Control:provides direct access to the vehicle-specific subsystems and components, and output commands to the specific solenoid/relay/ switch to precisely locate faults.
  • Intelligent Diagnostics: DTC analysis, Guided Repair, Detailed repair information including TSB and OE Campaigns
  • VIN Scan: Rapid Vehicle Identification via VINscan and AutoVin 

 Service Tools

Until recently, Autel’s flagship service tool has been the MaxiCheck MX808. Within the Commercial Vehicle tool class, we will use the MX808 as our base. autel maxicheck mx808

The MaxiCheck MX808 (Retail Price ~ $600), while not a true bi-directional tool, is a feature rich tool for basic services, capable of all 10 OBDII test modes including Freeze Frame, Live Data, Enhanced Mode 6, I/M readiness/emissions testing, etc.

The MX808 features 17 standard service resets, including Electronic Parking Brake, ABS brake bleed, Steering Angle Reset, Battery, Maintenance, and Oil Light Reset.

 Here are the summarized specs for the MX808: 

  • AutoVIN 2006+ /AutoSCAN: All Modules in All Systems
  • 17 Service Functions / Generates Printable Diagnostic Reports
  • Covers Domestic, Asian and European Vehicle Manufacturers (1996+)
  • I/M Readiness / Emissions Testing
  • Reset Diesel Emissions on Select Light & Med. Duty Vehicles/DPF Regeneration
  • Set Inspection 1 & 2 Service Intervals
  • Support OBDII Protocols & All 10 Test Modes
  • Enhanced Mode 6 Diagnostics
  • View Live and Freeze Frame Data
  • Relearn TPMS Sensor ID (activation tool required)
  • Graph, Record & Playback Live Data

Autel MaxiCOM MK808BT PRO OBD2 Diagnostic Tool IMMO Key Scanner

Autel MaxiCOM MK808BT PRO OBD2 Diagnostic Tool IMMO Key Scanner Upgraded Ver. Of MK808BT/MK808/MX808 Scanner

  1. Android 11.0!
  2. No IP Restrictions
  3. All Systems Diagnostic
  4. Wide Vehicle Coverage
  5. Support 24 Kinds of Languages
  6. One Click Wi-Fi Update
  7. 37+ Service & Maintenance Functions
  8. Data Log & Remote Help
  9. 2022 Upgraded Of MK808BT/MK808/MK808S/MX808
  10. Stable BT Connection, working range up to 30 feet(10m)
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