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Fix Autel IM608S II JVCI+ Bluetooth Connection Issue

Fix Autel IM608S II JVCI+ Bluetooth Connection Issue

The wireless Bluetooth scanner connects the vehicle and the scanner through the Bluetooth VCI adapter. What should I do when the Bluetooth VCI fails to pair with the scanner?

Autel IM608S II is the latest key programming tool, paired with Bluetooth MaxiFlash JVCI+ adapter, it can be paired with XP400Pro, MV108S, IMKPAI, APB112 and GBOX3 to achieve more expanded functions.

Autel Scanner VCI Connection

Why does my scanner fail to connect to the Bluetooth adapter?

There may be two reasons for this, the firmware has not been updated or there is a problem with the Bluetooth adapter JVCI+.

Solution 1. Restart JVCI+

When the connection between Autel IM608S II and JVCI+ is abnormal, please disconnect the power supply first and then reconnect the power supply (the key point is to restart JVCI+). You can then connect the JVCI+ via Bluetooth again.

Solution 2. Update JVCI+ OS version

Download the PC package from the Autel website:

* Please note that PC Suite only works with JVCI+ driver, please install PC Suite. For PC, JVCI+ is recognized.

Download the compressed file of VCIUpdate:

After downloading, please try to run the upgrade exe file.

After the JVCI+ upgrade, the IM608 II tablet was used again for Bluetooth testing. Check whether the Bluetooth connection is back to normal.

Please keep the flatbed scanner and Bluetooth adapter as close as possible.

If you have any other questions, please discuss with us!

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