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Autel Scanner Subscription Expiration and Renewal Issues

Autel Scanner Subscription Expiration and Renewal Issues

Most Autel scanner tablets come with a one-year free software subscription. When the subscription expires, you can still enjoy all the content brought by the last update. However, keeping your scanner software within the subscription period will give you a better experience.

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What happens when your scanner expires?

When your scanner expires, the original vehicle software download will function normally and the online functionality will be almost unavailable. When you want to download software for a new vehicle, the scanner tablet will display "Your software subscription expired on xx, xx, xx. Click the "Renew" button to purchase your subscription now."

How do I purchase a new one-year software subscription?

You can purchase a new one-year software subscription directly on the scanner tool.

You can also purchase a TCP card and ask the customer service staff to activate it manually based on the scanner SN number!

Purchasing TCP cards is a virtual service and we do not deliver the goods!

After purchasing a subscription service, it still says that it needs to be renewed?

After you purchased the subscription service, it still shows that the subscription needs to be renewed, which requires you to restart the OBD2 scanner device. If the problem persists after restarting, you can try restoring factory settings and re-downloading all the vehicle software you need.

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