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SD Card with Scanner

I Can't Use An SD Card with My Scanner, What Should I Do?

The Autel diagnostic scanner has hardware system information and software storage. With the continuous updating and downloading of software, the storage space of the Autel scanner will become less and the operation of the scanner will become laggy.

At this time, you need to add external storage to expand the space used by your scanner. So, what should I do when there is an error in the SD card and how to fix the memory card error in Autel scanner?

Common Autel scanner memory card errors

SD card is damaged

Maybe some mechanics will encounter this situation. After the machine is turned on, it shows that the SD card is damaged, so you need to replace the SD card with a new one.

Solution: Purchase a new SD card and download the software via PC Suit to update. If the free update expires, please copy the old software to the SD card; if there is no backup, please pay to update.

Possible causes of SD card damage: the Autel scanner machine is not shut down and the SD card is unplugged and inserted at will, the SD card performance is poor, and the SD card content is overloaded.

Please insert SD card

When the Autel scanner displays please insert the SD card, please check the SD card in the SD card slot to see if there is poor contact or if you forgot to insert the SD card.

When the SD card is damaged, it may also prompt that the SD card does not exist. You need to compare whether the SD card can be read on other machines and replace it with a new SD card.

After inserting a new SD card, the message that the SD card does not exist is still displayed. This may be a problem with the SD card slot, and you need to send the scanner back to the manufacturer for repair.

Here we explain the troubleshooting guide when the scanner tool says SD card is corrupted or the SD card does not exist, here learn how to handle SD card issues for Autel Diagnostic Scanner. If you encounter other problems, please feel free to discuss them with us

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