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Autel Subscription

What Happens When I Lose My Autel Subscription?

Autel subscription is an important support for autel scanner to continue to provide comprehensive services. Here we will explain the knowledge about Autel subscription and people's blind spots in understanding Autel subscription update.

Autel Software Update Subscriptions keep mechanics on top of the latest Autel software releases and increase the value of their investment with the Autel Total Care Plan (TCP).

What happens when my Autel subscription expires?

When your Autel subscription expires, your current version of the Autel scanner will still be retained, the Autel diagnostic tablet will still work normally with diagnostic and service functions, no software will be removed, and your downloads will still exist and run normally.

We lose support for online features after your Autel subscription expires. Since many features have been moved to online services, your scanner may not be supported for use without an active Autel subscription. At the same time, your scanner vehicle coverage may be reduced and you may need an active Autel subscription to complete the job.

Automatic authentication and server subscriptions become unavailable

Autel and other aftermarket scanner manufacturers employ the AutoAuth authentication system to allow registered tablets to pass through SGM and perform diagnostics and service.

Vehicles with gateway modules and telematics must connect to the Autel server to access the authentication services and software of the Autel subscribed OE.

Topology and VIN scan accuracy are server dependent

The popular topology feature on MaxisSYS Ultra Series tablets also requires a valid software subscription to access the server and extract the OE subscribed vehicle-specific communications network and module information to fully populate the vehicle topology displayed on the tablet.

VCI communication protocols and tablet coverage, capabilities and features

A valid Autel subscription enables your tablet and VCI to work more efficiently. Typically, the protocol software is simplified and optimized to work with the device's hardware. If you are unable to connect to the vehicle, update the software on the VCI.

Is my after-sales guarantee still valid?

Every AUTEL user is a valued customer. When you no longer renew your Autel subscription service, you can still seek help from Autel support when performing vehicle diagnostics and repairs. We provide free service assistance.

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