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Autel Scanner Subscriptions and Updates

Autel Scanner Subscriptions and Updates: Everything You Need To Know

Autel scanners cover all aspects of inspection of vehicle components and systems. Autel scanners are most effective during the subscription period. Here, we will explain the content of Autel scanner subscriptions and updates to mechanics and DIY enthusiasts.

After your Autel scanner subscription is about to end, it would be right for you to purchase new software paid updates. Here we will focus on the additional features of the Autel scanner update, the update fee, the subscription is about to expire, and the subscription ends.

Updated additional features

If your scanner is about to expire and you choose not to subscribe to new software updates, your scanner will remain at this version and will no longer support feature updates, bug fixes, etc. provided by the new software version.

Autel update fee

When opting for software updates for Autel scanners, authorized resellers can offer more affordable subscription options. Of course, when choosing scanner updates, purchase the correct scanner software subscription for your model.

What to do if your subscription is about to expire

If you are hesitant to continue using or choose a new software subscription, back up your device. Back up all installations and all vehicle applications because if something goes wrong, you can restore them from backup. If you don't have a backup, then the only way to get updates to restore the software is through renewal.

What happens after my software subscription expires?

When your software subscription expires, try continuing to scan your car. Take the MP900TS scanner subscription expiration as an example. At this time, we found that full system scanning is supported, active testing is supported, and activating TPMS sensors is also supported.

Vehicles that need to unlock the gateway are no longer supported, nor are functions that require connecting to the Autel cloud server for operation.

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